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Our predictive clinic sees and assesses individuals who have discovered that they are genetic risk of Huntington's Disease (HD), and are interested in considering genetic testing options. This service is run in conjunction with and parallel to services from Genetic Health Services Victoria (GHSV), and in particular with Dr Lisette Curnow, Genetic Counsellor.
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When individuals at risk for HD undergo genetic counselling regarding their risk for HD, they may be referred to the Predictive Clinic at the Neuropsychiatry Unit. This may occur particularly when there is a concern regarding the presence of neurological or psychiatric symptoms, or when individuals have expressed an interest in ongoing clinical follow-up. Assessments are undertaken by our consultant neuropsychiatrists and may involve a clinical and neurological examination.
Referrals to our Predictive Clinic are generally managed by GHSV genetic counsellors as part of their ongoing counselling, in consultation with clinicians from the Neuropsychiatry Unit. If in doubt, please contact us to discuss a referral.