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Prof Mark Walterfang, Dr Dhama Eratne and Dr Pierre Wibawa assess patients referred for a general neuropsychiatric assessment, when patients are not diverted into one of our illness-specific clinics. Clinics run on Tuesday mornings as well as Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

New assessments usually take 90 minutes, and will involve taking a history from the patient and informants (carers, family, or other health professionals), and may involve a neurological examination and cognitive examination.

Review of neuroimaging studies (MRI, CT, SPECT, PET) also occurs if images are available; we recommend that patients or their referrers ensure that images (either on film or on CD) are available, as these are preferred to imaging reports alone. All available information on patients is requested, including past reports, summaries and correspondence; ideally, this is sent in with the original referral. In some situations, patients will be reviewed after an original assessment.

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Our neuropsychologists Dr Wendy Kelso and Dr Anita Goh also conduct outpatient neuropsychology assessments after patients have been medically reviewed, and where initial cognitive assessment highlights areas that warrant further examination. First assessments usually take up to 3 hours and are conducted on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

These assessments generally involve an interview and pencil-and-paper assessments. After assessment, a specific subsequent feedback session may be arranged, often with one of the neuropsychiatrists, to provide feedback and future planning.
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