We welcome the family and friends of patients of the Neuropsychiatry Unit. You have a vital role to play in the ongoing care of your friend or family member. For this reason, your ideas, questions and suggestions are important to us. If we can be of any assistance to you, please ask our staff. We will endeavour to answer any questions you may have.

If you wish to contact a member of staff on the inpatient unit, please telephone 03 93424033 or 03 93424034. If you would like to speak directly to a current patient, please telephone 03 93475324 and ask for them by name.

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To help us maintain the safety of all patients and staff, please observe the following guidelines for acceptable behaviour when arriving at or visiting the unit:

  • We are happy for visitors to bring clothing and other personal items to patients.
  • Whilst many of our patients are not on any dietary restrictions, some may be on modified diets - please check with nursing staff if you are bringing in food (including confectionary)
  • Given the serious interactions many medications can have, it is important that visitors refrain from giving the patient any additional medication, including over-the-counter medications. Please discuss any treatments or medications with our staff.
  • In the interest of safety for fellow patients and staff members, potentially dangerous objects such as glass, sharp instruments, alcohol or other drugs are not permitted on the Neuropsychiatry Unit.
  • Visitors or patients who arrive at the Neuropsychiatry Unit intoxicated with alcohol, or who appear to be under the influence of drugs, will not be permitted to enter the unit.

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We encourage families and friends to maintain their contact with patients during their stay in the Neuropsychiatry Unit. Variations to these visiting hours may be arranged upon request from a family member or for other special needs.

Please talk to the nurse in charge of the shift if you would like to visit a patient outside these specified hours (telephone: 03 93424034). To prevent disappointment, it is also advisable to telephone in advance of a visit to ensure that the patient is available and are not otherwise occupied with the program.

Weekdays: 4pm - 8pm
Weekends & Holidays: 11am-8pm