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Registrar positions are available every year. We currently have four registrar positions:

1. Inpatient Position - manages the 8-bed inpatient unit, in concert with a full multidisciplinary team, medical resident, nursing and consultant staff.
2. Epilepsy Fellow Position - provides consultation-liaison services to the RMH Comprehensive Epilepsy Service, in addition to working within the epilepsy service.
3. Young-Onset Dementia Position - undertakes outpatient clinics of patients with proven or suspected early-onset dementia, liaises with community support groups in education and advocacy, and works with neurogenetics and other medical referral services.
4. Neuroradiology Position - undertakes outpatient clinics in general and movement disorder neuropsychiatry, and works closely with neuroradiology on clinical management, education and research in neuroimaging in psychiatry.

For enquiries, please contact
Professor Dennis Velakoulis on 0393428750.