Referrals can be sent via postal mail, via fax, or via email. Hard-copy referrals are preferred, as we generally request that the referrer send all available information on the patient to accompany the referral: past correspondence, test results, discharge summaries or reports. If possible, neuroimaging should either accompany the patient directly at an appointment or admission, or ideally be sent on CD with the referral.

When referring, we ask that you indicate whether you would prefer an outpatient appointment or an inpatient assessment. We have very little capacity to see patients off-site currently.

For complicated referrals that the referrer feels warrant further discussion with members of the team, please feel free to contact us via telephone or email: see the Contact Us page on the About Us menu item for details.

We ask that all referrers fill out the unit's referral form, which is available on the Referral Form menu item under Referrers.