The Neuropsychiatry Unit has been a leading proponent and advocate of the use of structured cognitive assessment in psychiatry specifically and medicine more generally. We feel that cognition is an under-recognised cause of disability in patients, and an understanding of cognitive functioning provides often crucial diagnostic information.

The NUCOG is perhaps our most well-known tool, and is published by ACER Press, with an iPad version being developed. The CogRisk and BATCH are freely downloadable tools available from this website.

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The NUCOG is a structured cognitive assessment tool that assesses function over 5 cognitive domains and provides a cognitive "profile". It has demonstrated its utility in a range of psychiatric and neurological settings.
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The BATCH is a structured observational tool that captures essential behavioural data to build a cognitive profile. It is ideally suited for inpatient units or nursing homes. It is freely downloadable from this site.
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The CogRisk is a structured carer questionnaire to assess cognitive function, and is highly predictive of an individual's cognitive function. It is freely downloadable from this site.