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Together with Professor O’Brien we have systematically collected data on patients seen within the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, Royal Melbourne Hospital. This epilepsy database includes detailed clinical (neurological, neuropsychiatric, cognitive, quality of life, and carer burden measures) and imaging data on over 700 patients.

Dr Sophie Adams (PhD student) has collected detailed follow-up psychiatric diagnoses on over 100 of these patients for her neuroimaging PhD, which focuses on changes in the hippocampus in patients with temporal and extra-temporal epilepsy. With Dr Simon Jones, we have also examined the role of non-epileptiform seizures in epilepsy clinics.

The Neuropsychiatry Unit has created a unique neuropsychiatry/epilepsy Fellow position for psychiatry trainees which has nurtured and mentored 5 senior psychiatry trainees over the last 5 years, with trainees functioning in both neuropsychiatry and epilepsy (neurology) clinical roles at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

We have recently established a Psychosis in Epilepsy involving all three major Melbourne Epilpsy services (St Vincent’s, Austin, Royal Melbourne Hospitals) to collaborate on studies of psychosis in epilepsy.