The life of the Neuropsychiatry Unit (NU) began in the 1970’s, when the Neurosurgical Unit at Mont Park evolved into a diagnostic service for Psychiatric Services, called the Neuropsychiatric Centre under the leadership of Dr John Lloyd. Dr. Lloyd’s rich experience in neuropsychiatry allowed the unit at Mont Park to become the diagnostic and assessment unit for neuropsychiatric disorders in Victoria, with a large inpatient unit and outpatient services.

In 1992, the Neuropsychiatric Centre moved to ward 4 East at the Royal Melbourne Hospital as the Neuropsychiatry Unit. It comprised an eight-bed inpatient unit as well as outpatient clinic.
At the beginning of 2000 the Neuropsychiatry Unit moved into the new John Cade Building at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, a purpose-built facility with modern inpatient facilities and multiple consulting suites for outpatient clinics and services. In August, 2001 Dr. Dennis Velakoulis succeeded Dr Lloyd as the Director of the Neuropsychiatry Unit.

The co-location of the Neuropsychiatry Unit on the Royal Melbourne Hospital site allowed for the expertise in Neuroradiology and the Neurosciences Unit at RMH to interface with psychiatry through the Neuropsychiatry Unit. The unit currently runs eight inpatient beds, consultation-liaison services to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, General Neuropsychiatry Outpatient clinics, and a number of specialised clinics and services.

The Neuropsychiatric Centre and the Neuropsychiatry Unit services are fondly remembered by the huge number of psychiatric trainees who have passed through the unit over nearly 4 decades. Most of these trainees are now consultant psychiatrists working within public mental health and/or mental health research.

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Mont Park Hospital

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Dr John Lloyd